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Since its establishment, Daihei Ink(H.K.) Company Limited actively expand domestic and overseas markets by adopting information technology management to persist on quality so as to gain image of reputation, and throught management to achieve comprehensive service, bearing in mind customer comes first principle to win the trust and supports of friends in the printing trade.

To ensure customer buy and use our products without worry, we lauch complete worry-free scheme as follows : Before Sales: our professional sales person explain in detail to customer the feature and use of product, and give their recommendation according to the different needs of customer.

During Sales: our senior technical people together with our training centre provide customer comprehensive technical inquiry and training so that customer can fully understand the properties and features of our product so as to get the best result.

After Sales: we have a service team of experienced experts to track and follow up, answer the querry of customer, make on-field visit and to help customer to train their technical people.

Products of Daihei Ink is well-known in the vast markets of Hong Kong, China domestic and in many countries in the world, forming a wide radiation sales network system and establish a strong Daihei Ink trade mark in the market, having a leading market share among the trade suppliers.   We look forward to co-operate with customer in the trade to built a better tomorrow